Team Chazuka: Meet Ella

Who Am I?

Hi! I’m Ella, the Digital Marketing Volunteer at The Chazuka Project. I am 20 years old and I am originally from York which is where my interest in marketing began. I studied Business for 4 years at school and sixth form and after my studies I took a gap year, as like many teenagers in this position, I was struggling to find the most suitable career path for me.

Taking time out of education and working in retail really helped me gain an understanding of what type of role I would like to go into, as well as giving me a taste of what full-time work is like. I then decided that university would be the best step for me and I started studying at Sheffield Hallam University in 2018. I am currently in my second year studying Marketing Communications and Advertisement in order to follow a career within advertising or branding. I have loved university so far!

Why did I join The Chazuka Project?

I began volunteering for The Chazuka Project 2 months ago as I came across the charity online. Their mission and values stood out to me and I was keen to help out, as well as using my studies for a good cause. It has been so exciting to work within this team as we’ve reached such important milestones for the charity, such as undertaking a new and fresh rebrand to becoming a U.K. registered charity as well as launching our #FestiveSchoolPack campaign for Christmas.

What Is My Role at The Chazuka Project?

Each week, I help with social media ideas, plans and content. I have used social media since a young age so I am able to provide the team with advice on the trends in the cyber world. I’ve really enjoyed helping to establish our voice, create and adapt content, as well as form our brand image. As a charity we empower and we care for the wellbeing and education of the children of The Chazuka School and our brand is key in helping us get this message across.

I am eager to see what the future has in store for such a great organisation and I can’t wait to carry on this journey with the team!

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