A top Christmas gift for a tenner

A new fragrance, trainers, a new phone, a brand new tablet, cinema vouchers, candle sets, make-up, season tickets, clothes vouchers – the Christmas 2019 ‘must- have’ list is endless, right?

But all the children in Chazuka, Malawi, need for Christmas is hope.

Hope that the doors of their school, The Chazuka School, will be open in the new year. Hope that their tasty, nutritious meal will be served to them each day. Hope that their wonderful teachers will welcome them back with a huge smile. And hope that their friends will be there, ready to play.

Alex and Sara, The Chazuka Project’s founders, are heading off to Malawi on the 13th December. They will each have to make do with one change of clothes, some deodorant and dry shampoo because we want to FILL their backpacks with the resources that the children will need for the new year.

Our #FestiveSchoolPacks will bring so much joy to the children this Christmas. They could include a ruler, rubber, pen, pencil, notebook and crayons. We also want to provide a festive meal for the school children, staff, volunteers and parents to celebrate their hard work and achievement this year.

Due to stationery items being expensive in Malawi, it is much easier and cheaper to buy them in the U.K and transport the packs ourselves. This means we need to raise all the money before the 12th December.

We have 25 children at The Chazuka School, so we need to create 25 #FestiveSchoolPacks at £10 each.

25 x £10 = £250

So far we have raised £90 which is enough to buy 9 #FestiveSchoolPacks.

16 more to go!

Give the best Christmas present you can this year.

Give possibility. Give happiness. Give hope.

Zikomo… Thank you

Note: The Chazuka Project is a recently registered U.K. Charity (No. 1186126). We are currently applying to be recognised for gift aid but this takes time. Please bear with us 🙂

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