UK Team


When I set off on a kayaking mission in 2016, I could never have imagined what it would bring. Chazuka will always have a special place in my heart and I’m amazed by the spirit of the local people every single day. My gratitude goes out to all the people who have been involved in the project so far as, without their help, this wouldn’t be possible!

Sara Yasmin Ahmed, STRATEGY (CO-FOUNDER)

I began my career as a secondary school teacher and since then have been dedicated to improving the lives of young people in a variety of ways. My roles have included project management, youth mentoring and business development. I came on board to help take this from a personal project to a registered U.K. charity. I’ll be focussing on the charity’s strategic development so that we can continue to fund community-led projects so the children of Chazuka can carve their own bright futures.

Lianne Williams, COMMS

I’m a Communications Professional with over five years’ experience working across a variety of different industries, including the charity sector, NHS and Civil Service. I am passionate about supporting young people to achieve their goals and believe that everyone should have the right to a good education. When I heard about The Chazuka Project, I knew straight away that this was something really special and I wanted to help in any way I can.

Susie Cuthill, FUNDRAISING

For over 10 years I have dedicated my career to fundraising and I am driven to ensure that projects and charities, working tirelessly to better the quality of people’s lives, are better supported financially. Today I am Head of Business Development for a large National youth charity and I love the work I do. I am so inspired by The Chazuka Project and proud to be part of the team.