Clean Water

Clean Water

In 2022, The Chazuka Project was able to facilitate drilling a borehole with funding from Wilmslow Wells for Africa.

Prior to this, women in the village had to walk a 3km round trip to collect the water the school needs. This meant most water needs were sourced from the dirty lake which caused health problems.

Having a borehole close to the school has made a huge difference to the whole Chazuka community and a minimum of 388 people. It enables the school to: 

  1. Provide easier access to clean drinking water
  2. Cook the children’s daily porridge more safely
  3. Ensure much more thorough hygiene and hand washing (which is even more essential since COVID) 
  4. Develop gardening projects at the school
  5. Be more efficient when completing work on the school building
  6. Make plans to increase the number of children attending the school and set sights on building a second classroom

We are so grateful to Wilmslow Wells for Africa for supporting this project and making the dream of clean water in Chazuka a reality.