Malawi Team


I was born in the capital of Malawi, Lilongwe, but I choose to live in Nkhotakota (where the rural village of Chazuka is located) because I love the people. I’m very proud to work at The Chazuka School because I can inspire these children and see change in the community. I want to see a better future for the children of Chazuka and I’m glad that I can play my part in it.


Education has always been important to me because education means you can find work and work means you can create a better life for yourself and your children. I am a woman and I am strong. I love being part of the change in this community. Before the children were just playing and fishing. Now they can read and write and that makes me happy.


I’ve been involved in this project since the beginning when I was adopted back in 2016 and made a home in the Chazuka village. It’s my job to make sure the grounds of The Chazuka School are secure so the children can learn in a safe and happy environment. I love coming to school every day. It gets really hot here so a lot of the time you’ll find me in the shade keeping an eye on things. I may look like I’m asleep but I’m really not.


I like working here because the school makes me happy. In Chazuka, the people are good, this is why I live here. In the past, we didn’t have a school but now it is much better. It’s great to hear the children speaking English and reading in English. In the mornings, I cook for the children at the school. In the afternoons, I cook and clean my own home and look after my grandchildren.


If our kids are educated they can become doctors, nurses or even the next President. I love my job because I can protect the school. The village of Chazuka doesn’t have a lot but it is happy and it is beautiful. This school has changed the community as we now also have hope.


Being a school cook brings me joy each day as I love to help children. I think it’s so important for children to have access to education. My favourite memory as a child was playing netball, when I was young and free. I don’t know how old I am now but I’m old enough to have 7 grandchildren! When I’m not cooking, I’m sweeping or digging and also spending time with my family.