The Chazuka School

In Malawi, early years education is not financially supported by the government. Villages are encouraged to build their own nurseries in the form of Community Based Organisations (CBOs) but these are often under-resourced (if they exist at all) and run by volunteers who do not have access to quality training.

Over the last 3 years, The Chazuka Project has funded a community-driven project to construct a nursery school in Chazuka. On 25th February 2019, the community were delighted to officially open the doors to 25 excited children and 2 teachers.

The school belongs to the community and the role of The Chazuka Project is to provide strategic and financial support where needed. The school is managed by a board of local stakeholders and lessons are delivered by two fantastic and dedicated teachers: Teacher Ashia and Teacher Grace.

The aim of the school is to provide a holistic education for pupils. Literacy, numeracy, expressive arts and practical work are taught in equal measure, with enthusiasm and creativity.