Chazuka Dog

Hello! My name is Lucy, and I’ve been involved in this project since the beginning when Alex adopted me back in 2016 and made a home for me in the Chazuka village.

I work at The Chazuka School and my official title is Chief Patroller. This is a role which I take very seriously. It’s my job to make sure the grounds of The Chazuka School are secure so the children can learn in a safe and happy environment.

I love coming to school every day. I learn new things all the time and get to hang out with the children at break times. It gets really hot here so a lot of the time you’ll find me in the shade keeping an eye on things. I may look like I’m asleep but I’m really not.

Look out for our blog where you’ll be able to read lots of interesting updates about the exciting things we get up to at The Chazuka School!