Look whose birthday it is!

It’s our birthday! 

(Well, our belated birthday – forgive us for the delay as we announced this to our donors first).  

We’re so happy to announce that the 4th November, 2019, marks the official date that The Chazuka Project received charity status. 

An accidental story

Alex Hill, Co-Founder and Trustee of The Chazuka Project, could never have foreseen this day back in 2016, when his African kayaking mission came to an abrupt and disastrous end. 

He was rescued and welcomed with open-arms by the people of Chazuka, Malawi. He formed a close bond with the generous community and ended up living there for many months.

Alex never set out to start a charity; it was all rather accidental, serendipitous perhaps. It came from a genuine desire to return the love the village’s people had shown him and so he set about informally teaching the children underneath a mango tree.  

It wasn’t long before the Chief of the village presented him with a blackboard and a young man, named Talent, approached and asked for a job as a teacher.  

We have never looked back.  

A lesson underneath the mango tree

Dreams coming true

The Chazuka School has now been open for 10 months and, for the first time, the children in the village have access to early years’ schooling.  

Education empowers.  It inspires hope, sparks curiosity, cultivates creativity and nurtures the growth of children, mentally, interpersonally, physically and socially. With an education, Chazuka’s children can become Malawi’s future engineers, teachers, inventors or entrepreneurs. Their horizons are endless, their dreams tangible and their hopes ignited. 

The transition from mango tree to school

Why charity status means so much

Today, we celebrate 3.5 years of hard work, dedication and collaboration with the people in Chazuka. 

Now that we have been officially recognised by the Charity Commission of England and Wales, we are now formally acknowledged for the charitable work we do. Receiving a charity mark also allows us to approach businesses, organisations, groups and communities to support us in our fundraising mission. Equally, charity status means that we are eligible for tax relief and certain grant funding. 

The education we supply to the children at The Chazuka School must be sustained. We can only do this by using the money received through fundraising. It is an invaluable part of our strategy moving forward. 

The future’s bright

Now, after three years of establishing the grass roots of the organisation, both in Malawi and in the U.K., Alex and all of us here at The Chazuka Project can start the next phase of our charity’s mission. 

We cannot wait. 

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our supporters and followers. Without your help, The Chazuka Project would never have arrived at this very special day. 

Zikomo… Thank you. 

If you would like to give The Chazuka Project a birthday present then you can make your donations here.  Your donations will go towards the running costs of The Chazuka School.  

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