Harry was there to celebrate women

How do young girls in Malawi view their future?

For those growing up in rural Malawi, the women who surround them are often marginalised and undertake only traditional roles. If these young girls are not seeing a different way, an alternative path, modelled to them by their elders, then how can they aspire, hope or dream to be anything more?

The Duke of Sussex left Malawi last week, but not before visiting The Campaign for Female Education, or CAMFED, an organisation aiming to put an end to inequality and poverty. Since its creation in 1993, CAMFED has supported over 3 million African girls to attend school. Its aim is not only to encourage girls through their schooling, but to empower them with the confidence to achieve and prosper after it is complete.

As the Duchess of Sussex stated, CAMFED’s work is both ‘valuable and vital.’

Here at The Chazuka Project, we could not agree more.

We must ensure that all young people, especially girls, access an education. Sadly, not all Malawian villages and townships have nursery schools. Chazuka is a very rural village in Malawi and does not receive any other form of aid from other, more established charities.

This is why our work is so important.

The Chazuka Project provides an early years setting for the town’s children. We love what we do. Seeing their beaming faces, eager, happy and full of hope for the future, really is the best feeling in the world.

We are also raising the profile of women in the village by empowering them to take on positions of leadership within the school. Pictured below is our Co-Founder, Alex Hill, with the school committee members, the majority of whom are women.

However, our work has only really just begun. Our priorities for the next 3 years are…

  1. Finish the building of the school (floor, toilets, water source)
  2. Employ an in-country project manager
  3. Provide salaries for those who are currently volunteering their time (e.g. school cook and caretaker)
  4. Buy uniform for the pupils
  5. Increase training and support for teachers and school committee
  6. Boost nutrition programme to include 2 meals a day + fruit
  7. Create a progression pathway for the Chazuka pupils once they have completed their nursery education
  8. Build relationships with key stakeholders (government, local NGOs, local businesses)

As a small grass-roots charity we wouldn’t exist without the generosity of our donors. To make a donation, please click here.

Zikomo … Thank you.

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