Why does learning feel so good?

It’s back to school for the children of Chazuka! 

If you walked into the nursery school then 25 beaming faces would shine back at you. 


Because the children just love being in school.  

This week, we answer the question: why does learning feel so good?

1st week back at school!
Go team

Schools provide children with the opportunity to be part of a team, a community. Through these daily interactions, the children learn how to: listen, respect, empathise, cooperate, support, take risks and be creative. They are fostering friendships and learning how to communicate effectively. Rural schools, such as The Chazuka School, provide children with the opportunity to come together with their peers and focus solely on their education. Even Lucy, the school dog, cannot get enough of the Chazuka team!

Awe and wonder

When children are challenged and engaged, or asked to consider a topic in a new way, magical things can happen. Sparks of curiosity ignite. We know from last week’s blog just how powerful these sparks can be. It is the feelings of awe and wonder which we believe will make the Chazuka children lifelong learners, paving the way to a brighter future.


Whether it be singing, dancing or playing a new game, the children at Chazuka love to giggle with their friends. Laughing really is contagious.  Endorphins released when we are having fun stimulate feelings of pleasure and positivity. It is well documented that those learners who feel more positive achieve better results.

Character building

Building the children’s self-esteem is a key focus for our teachers. We create a safe environment full of hope and positivity, free-from judgement. The children want to take risks and take on new challenges.  And we want the children at The Chazuka School to feel empowered and supported, ready to take on the world. 

Whatever age you are, at whatever stage in your life, learning is open to all of us. Whether it be a trip to the library or studying online, learning is liberating. And more importantly: it makes us feel great. 

Just £15 will keep a child in The Chazuka School for a month.

Help us to build a brighter and bubblier future for Chazuka’s children.

Please donate today. Thank you. 

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