Progress so far…

The Chazuka School has been open nearly 3 months now and we’ve been delighted to hear about all the progress the children have made. Teachers Ashia and Grace have worked their magic and shown the children that learning can be fun! Children who arrived at the school unable to read, write or even hold a pen can now write their name, age and where they are from. No day at school is complete without learning a song or nursery rhyme. Malawi is a very musical country and the Chazuka village is no exception.

The children of The Chazuka School enjoy a bowl of porridge together each day. Not only does this provide them with an important meal but it gives them the energy and enthusiasm to learn, bettering their chances of a brighter future.

Pictured above is our wonderful cook, Annie, a very valued volunteer in the village who makes sure each child is looked after. You can also see the children enjoying their nutritious meal. If you would like to support our school feeding programme then follow the link below. Thank you!

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