Corporate Donors

The i-teachers team from left to right: Joe, Holly, Natalie, Olivia, Jamie, Shehla, Jack

We at The Chazuka Project are very grateful to i-teachers for becoming our first corporate donors! i-teachers is an Education Consultancy offering a first-class recruitment service to schools, graduates and teachers.

i-teachers understand just how important great teachers are and recruiting excellent teachers for schools up and down the country is a core focus of theirs. They also specialise in supporting graduates who are looking to kick-start their careers in teaching.

With that in mind, when we visited i-teachers to tell them about The Chazuka Project, the team was really motivated to raise money to contribute towards the salaries of the teachers of The Chazuka School.

It’s a well-known fact that the first 5 years of a child’s development are critically important. Children learn more quickly in these early years than at any other stage in life. Whilst the Malawian government recognises this, they do not provide financial support to nursery schools. This means that most nurseries, if they exist at all, are run by volunteers and lack training and resource.

It becomes particularly tricky to recruit great nursery school teachers in rural villages like Chazuka because a low-paid job, far away from home, isn’t very appealing. Getting the right hire is the most crucial aspect in any organisation and The Chazuka School is no different.

Thanks to the financial help i-teachers has given, we have been able to offer competitive salaries to the teachers of The Chazuka School. As a result, the pupils are being taught by two excellent, dedicated and well-trained teachers: Teacher Ashia and Teacher Grace.

You’ll be able to find out more about our teachers soon so keep an eye out for updates on our social media and this blog. If you’re interested in finding out more about i-teachers, click on the button below.


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